At our initial meeting we like to inform the buyer what to expect during the home buying process.

The experience can be fun and exciting when the buyer knows what to expect and is confident that the many details will be monitored by us throughout the entire transaction.

The buyer controls the transaction by choosing almost everyone involved.  The buyer chooses the realtor, the lender, the inspectors, the attorney, and the surveyor.  The appraiser is chosen by the lender.

Many first time buyers and relocation buyers are not familiar with competent professionals in the different fields.  We are pleased to recommend professionals when requested by the buyer.  We are often requested to recommend all professionals and set up all the appointments.  

We gladly provide this referral service to our buyers.   We do not receive any compensation or referral fee from referred professionals.  We simply recommend professionals who excel in their field.

We are pleased when the buyer knows and uses other competent professionals.   Our concern is that the buyer is comfortable with the professionals working for them.

The process begins when the buyers share with us what they are looking for in their future home.

Information such as minimum square footage, acceptable school districts, number of bedrooms, general location, garage size and price range create the search criteria we use to locate available properties. The search criteria may be modified at any time to broaden or narrow the search.

We provide fact filled information sheets to the buyer for each property that matches the search criteria.  The buyer then tells us the properties selected for viewing.

We arrange a showing of each property for the buyer and accompany the buyer, pointing out not only the good features but also any bad features.  We also advise the buyer about the general resale history of the neighborhood and any positive or negative factors concerning the property or neighborhood.           

Once a buyer becomes interested in a particular property, we will research the property.  We can usually find out what the seller originally paid for the property, how long the property has been on the market, what other properties in the area actually sold for, and how long they took to sell.  We will also try to find out the sellers' situation concerning their reason to sell.

After reviewing the research information with the buyer, we will suggest different offer scenarios.  Once the buyer has decided to make an offer, we prepare an offer to purchase and contract.  The offer will be prepared with the appropriate provisions, conditions, and contingencies necessary to protect the buyer.  We will review the offer in detail with the buyer before it is presented to the seller.

Our job then turns to promoting the buyer and the offer to the seller.  We make our buyers and their offers as attractive as possible to the seller.  We negotiate with the seller at the direction of the buyer until we have a deal or the until the buyer decides it is time to withdraw the offer and look elsewhere.        

Once the offer is accepted, we arrange all inspections requested by the buyer.  We will attend all inspections, and we encourage the buyer to also attend them.  When the buyer is unable to attend an inspection, we will review a report of the results in detail.  

It is not uncommon for the inspectors to find repair issues that need to be addressed.  We advise the buyer which issues to request the seller to fix. 

We prepare a "list of requested repairs" for presentation to the seller.  We then negotiate the repair issues at the direction of the buyer.

After the repair issues have been successfully negotiated, we will monitor all of the details that are involved in closing and advise the buyer in a timely manner what needs to be done.  We will be in constant contact with the lender, the listing agent, the seller, and the closing attorney making sure that everyone is doing their part.

We will arrange a final walk through inspection of the house prior to closing.  We will attend the walk through inspection with the buyer to make sure that the house is in acceptable condition and that all contract conditions have been met.

We always attend the closing with the buyer.  The closing usually takes 30-45 minutes and involves signing documents, which the buyer’s attorney will explain.

When the transaction has been worked correctly, the closing should be an event enjoyed by everyone.  However, should an unexpected problem occur, we will be there to help solve it.


"Our services do not cost our clients any additional money"